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Shang Hai Hao Lin Hua Gong

上海昊琳化工有限公司集化学材料技术研发、生产、销售、技术服务为一体的独资公司。公司拥有世界先进水平的生产厂房,设有先进的化学分析、仪器分析、材料科学实验室、各类电镀中试试验室、独立完善的废水、废气处理系统和纯水系统。拥有扫描电子显微镜、离子色谱仪、高效液相色谱仪、气相色谱仪、可焊性测试仪、差分扫描热仪和热机械分析仪等一系列世界先进的分析测试仪器。公司主要经营流行于欧美的环保化学镀镍系列品、镀前及镀后处理剂、其他各种金属表面处理剂等产品。我们的产品深受广大用户的青睐,在市场上赢得了良好的口碑和赞誉。“专业”、“务实”、“诚信”、“创新”,是上海昊琳化工有限公司的 经营理念。“专业”、“务实”是昊琳的质量保证。 ‘诚信”,“创新”让公司通过与客户间的良性互动,更加准确的了解市场和客户的需求。今后,上海昊琳化工有限公司将继续以“科技领先、用户至上、遵循守约”为宗旨。力求在日益激烈竞争的市场环境下,不断完善经营模式和网络销售,通过全体昊琳人的智慧和努力,更好的服务客户。 Shanghai Haolin Chemical Co.,ltd integrated chemical material technology designing, production, sales and services into a whole. Haolin owns the world's advanced production workshop of the world. Equipped with advanced chemical analysis. instrument analysis, materials science laboratories, All kinds of plating test labs, independent and perfect wastewater, waste gas treatment system and pure water system. Haolin has scanning electronic show, ion chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatography,gas chromatograph, Solderability tester , differential scanning thermal instrument, thermomechanical analyzer and a series of world advanced analysis instruments, Our company mainly business environmental chemical nickel plating series products, treatment agent before and after the plating ,and other kinds of metal surface treatment agent, etc, which are popular in Europe and the United States. Our products are favored by the majority of users and win a good reputation and praise in the market Haolin has adopted advanced management system and stick to the corporation tenet of being hoest,contract-oriented,quality first and win-win development. Welcome more business associates from the world come to cooperate with us.